August 26

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1863 Sarah Saunders Page born Waimea South, Nelson, New Zealand (d. 1950). New Zealand peace leader; Quaker feminist, Socialist; led opposition to conscription World War I in Canterbury Women’s Institute; led No More War movement 1930.

  • 1874 Zona Gale born Portage, WI (d. 1938). American novelist, playwright and essayist; pacifist opposed to World War I; anti-war novel Heart's Kindred (1915) featured women's appeals for peace; against capital punishment; friend of Jane Addams; helped draft Wisconsin Equal Rights law 1923.

  • 1910 Mother Teresa of Calcutta born Skopje, Macedonia, Ottoman Empire (d. 1997). Nobel Peace Prize 1979; first Templeton Prize 1973; Nehru Prize 1969.

  • 1920 Naomi Goodman born New York, NY (d. 2005). Headed Jewish Peace Fellowship; feminist and pacifist author who supported conscientious objection and nonviolence; opposed war in Balkans, conscription, capital punishment, arms race, nuclear weapons, Israeli occupation.

  • 1941 Barbara Ehrenreich born Butte, MT. PhD biologist; feminist and activist; Democratic Socialist; columnist who opposed Vietnam War and wrote important book Blood Rites on the nature of war 1997.

  • 1950 Maria Otero born La Paz, Bolivia. American President of Acción International, leading microfinance 2000; first Latina Undersecretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs 2009-13; chaired Bread for the World 1992.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1910 Second International Conference of Socialist Women Copenhagen set March 8 as International Women’s Day.

  • 1918 Suffragists convicted for protests at White House.

  • 1920 Women's Liberation Day/Equality Day celebrates universal suffrage in US.

  • 1970 Women's Strike for Equality: 50,000 marched NY City in largest American march.

  • 1980 Women chained selves to Republican National HQ in protest.

  • 2002 Diane Wilson climbed DOW tower to protest Bhopal disaster, to be arrested and sentenced.

  • 2004 Women of Garoka, Papua New Guinea took to streets to protest perpetual violence against women.

  • 2010 UN Security Council expressed outrage at mass rapes in Congo.