Kate Crane-Gartz


Kate Crane-Gartz born Chicago, IL February 2, 1865 (d. 1949). Heiress to Crane plumbing fortune; pacifist labeled as a "Parlor Bolshevik" for her views; mother to two World War I soldiers who wrote her about the "useless slaughter" they witnessed. Opposed WWI; appealed to President Harding on behalf of conscientious objectors; provided funding for WILPF.


"War is the great atrocity." (Sept. 24, 1922, in Parlor Provocateur, p. 96)

"Our so-called civilization has brought us to the verge of destruction; in fact our government, according to its own statistics, spends 93 per cent of its income upon destruction—payment for past wars and preparing for future wars. Is it not time that we reversed these figures, and spend more than 7 per cent of our national income upon something of use to mankind?" (July 27, 1921 to Pasadena Evening Post, in Parlor Provocateur, p. 64; photo in front)