Margaret E. Cousins


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Margaret "Gretta" Gillespie Cousins born Boyle, Ireland November 7, 1878 (d. 1954). British feminist and radical suffragist leader; spent one month in prison, 1910; anti-imperialist; founded and led two Indian women's organizations; first female magistrate in India; arrested in India for civil disobedience, 1933.


Curiously enough, though I had the backing of some of the best women of India, I was the one voice publicly explaining and proclaiming the suffrage cause: not because I had any special fitness, but simply because the womanhood of India had not yet found its authoritative voice.” (James and Margaret Cousins, We Two Together, 1950)

I . . . volunteered for militant action knowing it would result in my imprisonment. I knew that if I discussed my decision with relatives or friends they would feel bound to try to save me from suffering. It was my own urge, my own responsibility, and, I felt, my own privilege. At any rate my plan of action worked.” (We Two Together, p. 174; photo Speedie's blog)