Ada Nield Chew


Ada Nield Chew born Audley, Staffordshire, England January 28, 1870 (d. 1945). Suffragist leader; labor organizer; radical feminist; pacifist. Opposed to World War I. Tried to attend Hague Women's Peace Congress, 1915; founding member of WILPF.


On her pro-war colleagues: “The militant section of the movement. . . would without doubt place itself in the trenches quite cheerfully, if allowed. It is now. . . demanding, with all its usual pomp and circumstance of banner and procession, its share in the war. This is an entirely logical attitude and strictly in line with its attitude before the war. It always glorified the power of the primitive knock on the nose in preference to the more humane appeal to reason.” (Cotton Factory Times, March 9, 1917; photo Wikipedia)