Alice Chown


Alice Chown born Kingston, Ontario, Canada February 3, 1866 (d. 1949). Canadian radical pacifist and suffragist. Active at Hague Peace Conference, 1915; founded Women's Peace Organization in Toronto and Women's League of Nations Association, 1930. “[She] stressed that love ought to be the creative motivating force in the world.” (Josephson, Biographical Dictionary of Modern Peace Leaders, 1985, p. 167)


[T]he evils we go out to fight with violence we shall graft upon our own nation’s life. Starting with hatred of our enemy’s cruelty, we shall end by being cruel ourselves; detesting the subservience of the German people to their state, we shall become indifferent to the subservience of our own people to our state. We shall lose our free institutions, free speech, free press, free assemblage, and have to struggle to regain them.” (; photo Wikipedia)