Valentina Cherevatenko


Valentina Cherevatenko born Donetsk, USSR January 20, 1956. Russian human rights activist. Founded Women of the Don Region to promote human rights and peace by nonviolent means, 1993. Actively helped postwar victims of trauma in Chechnya and Donetsk. Received Anna Politkovskaya Award, 2016.


[I]n the last war, we had enemies, who came to our land. And here, in Chechnya, in Grozny, we saw a different war, where on the other side of the trenches were the same people, and. . . [w]e saw a real tragedy, burned apartment, destroyed houses, streets. . . . and the grave, the grave in the center of the courtyard. We found the people most ordinary people, people of different nationalities who have been held hostage to this tragedy.” (, Oct. 16, 2016; photo Amnesty International)