Ruth Cohen


Ruth Cohen born April 28, 1940 (d. 2003). Co-founder Women in Black Jerusalem 1988; protest placard was black hand lettered: “End the Occupation.”


On her first protest at which police beat up a Palestinian, and they were spat on: "Awful and threatening." (Gila Svirsky website Chapter 1, 1996; photo Remembering)

What began as a local protest against the Israeli occupation of the West Band and Gaza Strip has turndd into a model for women’s action adopted worldwide. Five and ahaalf years of putting one’s political view on the line every week has been an empowering experience for every woman who has participated, in Jerusalem, the vigil has shown many women with no feminists background the effectiveness of a feminist model of cooperative action and decision-making. Each individual in Women in Black knows that she can voice her opinion and make a difference.” (Ayala Emmett, Our Sisters’ Promised Land, p.220)