Eugénie Cotton


Eugénie Cotton born Soubise, Charente-Maritime, France October 13, 1881 (d. 1967). French scientist, feminist, peace advocate; founding president pacifist Women’s International Democratic Federation (WIDF) Paris 1945, dedicated to peace, anti-fascism, anti-imperialism; Resistance to Nazis WWII; arrested for resistance to draft for Vietnam War 1950; opposed Algerian War; Stalin Peace Prize 1951; World Peace Council gold medal 1961.


"In a world determined to change the state of things that has led men to fight two horrible world wars within 25 year, the new element, the power of the mass of women active in public life, can and must be of very great importance." (Dec. 1945, Int. Cong. of Women cited by Francisca de Haan; photo blanc mesnil)