Queen Charlotte of Great Britain


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Queen Charlotte of Great Britain born Lower Castle, Mirow, Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Germany May 19, 1744 (d. 1818). German princess; amateur botanist and patron of Handel and Mozart. George III married her because of her peace appeal to Frederick II the Great, 1761.


I know Sire, that it seems unbecoming in my sex, in this age of viscous refinement, to feel for one’s country, to lament the horrors of war, or to wish for the return of peace. . . but however unbecoming it may be in me, I cannot resist the desire of interceding for this unhappy people. It was but a few years ago that this territory wore the more pleasing appearance; the country was cultivated, the peasants looked cheerful, and the towns abounded with riches and festivity. What an alteration at present from such a charming scene! . . . sure even conquerors themselves would weep at the hideous prospect now before me. The whole country, my dear country, lies one frightful waste, presenting only objects to excite pity, terror, and despair. The business of the husbandman and the shepherd is quite discontinued; the husbandman and shepherd are become soldiers themselves, and help to ravage the soil they formerly occupied.” (History of Royal Women [potentially forged statement]; photo allemannia)