Anna Manning Comfort


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Anna Manning Comfort born Trenton, NJ January 19, 1845 (d. 1931); Youngest woman doctor, at age 20, 1865; social reformer defending Native American and Black rights; publicly opposed US imperialism.


"Take up the white man's burden,"—
Yes, Uncle Sam, oh do!
But why seek other countries
Your burdens to renew?

Recall the poor wild Indian
Whom ruthlessly you slew.
"Take up the white man's burden,"—
The negro, once our slave!
Boast lightly of his freedom,
This problem still is grave.
We scoff and shoot and lynch him,
And yet, because he's black,
Why fight the foreign despots,
Or Filipino isles?”

(“Home Burdens of Uncle Sam”, The Public, Syracuse, May 13, 1899, in Liberty Poems; photo Syracuse University)