Jeanne d'Albret


Jeanne d’Albret, Queen of Navarre, born St. Germain-en-Laye November 16, 1528 (d. 1572). Daughter of peacemaker Queen Marguerite of Navarre. Ruler of Protestant kingdom during Wars of Religion, 1555-72. Principal negotiator of the Peace of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, which gave Protestants right to public office, 1570.


To the valiant of heart, nothing is impossible.” (motto adopted by her son Henry IV, in Martha Freer, The Reign of Henry IV, 1861)

[G]rant peace, with tranquility, to this realm. . . consider. . . the torrents of blood which must flow, and the iniquities certain to be committed during this cruel war. . . ” (letter to Catherine de Medici, Nov. 1569, in Martha Freer, Life, 1855, pp. 301-3, cited by Nancy Roelker, Queen, 1968, p. 334; 1570 portrait Wikipedia)