Margaretta D'Arcy


Margaretta D’arcy born Finsbury, London, England June 14, 1934. Prominent Irish playwright and actress; peace activist. Member of Committee of 100, advocating civil disobedience against nuclear weapons, 1961. Arrested for human rights protest, Assam, India, 1969; jailed 3 weeks for Women’s Day protest against imperialism, 1978. Directed Yellow Gate Women, a film celebrating Greenham protests, where she was arrested. Jailed 3 weeks for Armagh H-Block protest, 1979; spent another 3 weeks in jail for Women Against Imperialism protest, Armagh, 1980. Arrested at Shannon Airport for peaceful die-in protesting US military presence, 2012.


I am a whistle blower. . . The people of the World have said No to WAR.” (, Sept. 19, 2013; photo