Rachel Davis DuBois


Rachel Davis DuBois born Woodstown, NJ January 25, 1892 (d. 1993). Quaker; pioneer in intercultural relations. WILPF leader at Hague Conference, 1922, International Conference of Trade Unions, 1922; founded Junior International League for Peace, 1922; led WILPF Auto Peace Tour, 1922. Developed assembly program technique to combat racism, 1924; SCLC trainer. Headed State Dept. mission to assist resettled Germans, 1951.


"My lifelong interest in race relations and intercultural education—my concern that people from different backgrounds be encouraged to share the best of their traditions and customs, thus building a richer culture and having fun doing it."

On her message: "Is it not that LOVE. . . is the greatest of all powers, and that is because there is that of God in each of us, we are all God's children? For God is Love." (All This and Something More (1984), p. 254; photo http://bit.ly/xa3e06)