Yael Dayan


Yael Dayan born Nahalal, Palestine February 12, 1939. Israeli politician, daughter of military leader; once militia captain; leader of pacifist Peace Now, Bat Shalom, Women in Black opposing occupation; member of Knesset 1992-2003; novelist, journalist.


Political dialogue between women is always better. . . purer, more genuine, more substantive.  Women really listen to each other, and only then respond, without exterior motives, looking for the greatest common denominator.” (Gila Svirsky website, Chapter 6, 1993)

More and more people realize we cannot have peace and occupation or peace and settlement. We have to opt for one or the other. We realize that, as dramatic as it may be, the only possible way to go ahead with the peace plan is the end of occupation and the evacuation of most settlements. All the questions of security—that will be the aftermath, that will be the result of peace. We can not put it as a precondition.” (Jack Silverman interview, May 10, 2011, Nashville Scene; photo Wikipedia)