Jill Evans


Jill Evans born Ystrad Rhondda, Glamorgan, Wales May 8, 1959. Welsh politician; peace activist; European Parliament 1999, vice-president Greens European Parliament 2014 ; chaired Cymru Committee for Nuclear Disarmament; marched from Cardiff leading to Greenham 1981; protested nuclear bomb factory Llanisien, Cardiff; former president Plaid Cymru foreign policy spokesperson; voted against Iraq War.


"War against Iraq would be disastrous and would cause even more instability in the Middle East. Of course Saddam Hussein is a dangerous man who has persecuted the people of Iraq. We were saying that in the 80s when the British Government was selling him arms. We all want to see a democratic government in Iraq but more bloodshed won't achieve that.” (Sept. 21, 2002, Plaid Cymru convention)

On Israeli occupation and Gaza blockade: “How much longer can the Palestinian people wait for justice and equality? How many more generations will live through the terror? The situation is as bad as ever, if not worse. House demolitions, forced evictions and arrests under administrative detention are still common.” (Colwyn Bay, Nov. 16, 2016; photo Wikipedia)