February 13

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1879 Sarojini Naidu born Hyderabad, India (d. 1949). Nonviolent activist for Indian independence; politician; poet known as "The Nightingale of India." Second female president of Indian National Congress, 1925.

  • 1881 Eleanor Farjeon born Westminster, London (d. 1965). Pacifist English poet and children’s storyteller. Leading poet of post-World War generation.

  • 1887 Lella Secor Florence born Battle Creek, MI (d. 1966). Militant pacifist; journalist. Served as reporter aboard Henry Ford Peace Ship, 1915; co-founded Emergency Peace Federation, 1917.

  • 1905 Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan born Almora, Uttarakhand, India (d. 1990). “Mother of Pakistan”. Diplomat and stateswoman; professor of economics. First First Lady of Pakistan, 1947-51; first Muslim woman delegate to the UN, 1952. Ambassador to Netherlands, 1954-61, Italy, 1966. Awarded UN Human Rights Prize, 1978.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1689 William and Mary assumed the British throne following the bloodless Glorious Revolution.

  • 1907 51 Suffragists arrested for march on Parliament. “Rise Up Women!—Now!”

  • 1915 In Amsterdam, pacifist women came together to make 12 resolutions to end World War I.

  • 1953 Following Gandhi's urging, Welthy Honsinger Fisher founded Saksharta Niketan literacy school in Allahabad to train educators.

  • 1967 2,500 members of the organization Women Strike for Peace demonstrated at the Pentagon.

  • 1979 Grace Paley fined $100 for displaying anti-nuke banner on White House lawn, Sept. 4, 1978. "No Nuclear Weapons—No Nuclear Power—USA and USSR"

  • 1991 International Network of Women in Emergency Management convened a meeting in response to the Gulf War at WILPF's Geneva headquarters.

  • 2013 Mary Anne Grady Flores arrested at Hancock AFB for Ash Wednesday drone protest; sentenced to one year in prison.