Ellen Gleditsch


Ellen Gleditsch born Mandal, Norway December 29, 1879 (d. 1968). Norwegian radiochemist, nuclear scientist, student and colleague of Marie Curie; “peace activist” co-founder WILPF The Hague 1915; member of UNESCO predecessor League of Nations Committee of Intellectual Cooperation, concerned with assisting refugees; briefly arrested for WWII resistance; active in founding UNESCO 1946: Norwegian commission to control atomic bomb 1952; Oslo Conference Against the Spread of Nuclear Weapons, 1961.


[T]o work with students is to work for the future. It is the student today who will continue our work tomorrow. It is youth working together, intellectually and internationally, we must build on.” (Rayner-Canham, Devotion to their Science, p.68; photo muv.uio.no)