Rosario Green


Rosario Green Macías born Mexico City, Mexico March 31, 1941. Economist; professor; politician. UN Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs, 1994. Special Advisor to UN Secretary General for Human Rights and Refugees, 1995. First chair of UN office to implement Beijing conference call for gender equality, 1996. First woman Secretary of Foreign Affairs, 1998-2000. Served as Mexican Ambassador to East Germany and Argentina.


[W]omen are peace-loving creatures. . . women have a lot to contribute to this peace culture, not only by the transmission of peaceful values, but also by transmitting other values that have to do with democracy, with the sharing of power, with fairness of treatment. Peace is more than the absence of war. Peace is the only possibility that exists for all humanity.” (UN Secretariat News, Summer 1995, p. 6; photo