Svetlana Gannushkina


Svetlana Gannushkina born Moscow March 6, 1942. Russian mathematician; human rights activist. Peacekeeper in Karabakh War, aiding refugees' return, 1988; helped victims of Chechen wars, 1994. Co-founded Memorial Human Rights Center, 1993, which won Nansen Prize, 2004. Openly protested seizure of Crimea and Donetsk area, 2014. Received Sakharov Freedom Prize, 2007; Nobel Peace Prize nominee, 2010.


"Russia has no policy for Northern Caucasus; there are actions and convulsive moves aimed at preservation, and in some cases—at restoration of the empire, by acting with bayonets only, as the empire did. It results not in success, but in terrible, irreplaceable and unforgivable victims."(March 27, 2010, Chechen Republic; photo