Jean Grossholtz


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Jean Grossholtz born April 17, 1929. Professor of politics and women’s studies; nonviolent direct action activist. Multiple arrests for nonviolent protests, first arrested in factory protest, 1941; protested Vietnam War, 1973; anti-OAS protest, 2000; arrested for Iraq War protest; arrested at Vermont Yankee protest, 2014. Helped organize Women’s Pentagon Action, 1980; led nonviolent protest vs. G8 Summit, 2007.


“We as women from diverse countries, religions, classes, and ethnicities reject the use of violence by any group for any reason. Violence against people is never justified. We call for peace as an end and as a means.” (Women on Life on Earth, response to 9/11 with V. Shiva, Sep. 17, 2011; photo arbeiterfotographie)