January 29

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1867 Gertrude Foster Brown born Morrison, IL (d. 1956). Concert pianist; suffragist; editor; active promoter of League of Nations; representative of Women's Action Committee for Victory and Lasting Peace at UN founding San Francisco, 1945.
  • 1884 Florence Wilson born Lancaster, PA (d. 1977). Internationalist; sole female member of WWI peace delegation, 1919; librarian of The Inquiry, 1917, and the League of Nations, 1919.
  • 1915 Lillian Willoughby born Iowa (d. 2009). Quaker peace leader; tax resister. Founded Movement for A New Society, 1971; spent one week in jail for blocking Philadelphia courthouse in anti-Iraq War protest, 2003.
  • 1954 Oprah Winfrey born Kosciusko, MS. Television host; philanthropist. Questioned Iraq War: "Is War the Only Answer?", Sept. 2002; series of anti-war shows, Nov. 2002-March 2003. Endowed South African girl's school, 2004.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1957 UN General Assembly adopted Convention on the Nationality of Married Women.
  • 1996 Four Ploughshares Women damaged Indonesian Air Force Hawk plane at British aerospace factory.
  • 2003 Mary Kelly disabled US Navy troop transport Shannon with fire axe as protest against preparations for Iraq War.