July 21

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1867 Alys Pearsall Smith born Frankford, Philadelphia (d. 1951). Quaker relief organizer; founding chair of Italian Refugees' Relief Committee 1927 aiding refugees from Fascist Italy; married Bertrand Russell in Quaker ceremony.

  • 1870 Florence Jaffray Harriman born Manhattan (d. 1967). Suffragist, social reformer, and advocate of League of Nations; Ambassador to Norway 1943, aiding escape of royal family and Nazi opponents from Norway; one of first books on Holocaust.

  • 1875 Agnes Baldwin Alexander born Honolulu, HI (d. 1971). Internationalist proponent of universal friendship and language; Bahá’i leader who spread message of universal peace, equality of men and women, a world court to Hawaii, Japan and Korea; Esperanto teacher.

  • 1872 Hannah Clothier Hull born Wynnewood, PA (d. 1958). Quaker absolute pacifist, suffragist, national chair of WILPF 1924-39; Chair Peoples Mandate to Governments to End War 1935; delegate to League of Nations Disarmament Conference 1932.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1959 Marge Swann arrested for climbing fence at missile site Nebraska.

  • 1979 Women's Hall of Fame dedicated, Seneca Falls, NY.

  • 1983 Argentine Mothers of Playa del Mayo walked 7 km. Calilegua to San Martin in protest against disappeared relatives. Walk was repeated annually on Thursday nearest July 21.

  • 2007 29th WILPF Congress, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. "Women unite! Build peace! Generate change!"