June 19

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1889 Adela Pankhurst Walsh born Chorlton, Cheshire, England (d. 1961). Australian pacifist Socialist opposed to both World Wars; Women's Peace Army opposing conscription 1915; jailed for protest against food prices 1917-8; interned 1941 for opposition to World War II; anti-imperialist; motto of Women's Peace Army: "We War Against War."

  • 1864 Mabel Wing Castle born Providence, RI (d. 1950). Founder and first chair of Jane Addams Peace Association (JAPA) 1948.

  • 1907 Ana Figueroa Gajardo born Santiago de Chile (d. 1970). Known in Chile as "The Woman"; Chilean diplomat, suffragist and professor of English; Delegate to UN 1950; first woman to chair a major UN committee, Social, Humanitarian and Cultural, 1951; first woman on Security Council 1952; first woman Assistant Director of ILO 1960.

  • 1923 Eleonore Romberg born Münich-Ramersdorf (d. 2004). German sociology professor: independent Green party member of Bavarian parliament 1986-90; headed German WILPF; twice international leader of WILPF Vice pres. 1972-4, President 1986-92; Bavarian Peace Prize; International Peace Woman award 2004.

  • 1945 Aung San Suu Kyi born Rangoon, Burma. Politician; human rights advocate. Lived 15 years under house arrest as political prisoner. Received Sakharov Prize, 1990; Nobel Peace Prize, 1991; Nehru Award 1992.

  • 1957 Anna Lindh born Enskede, Sweden (assassinated 2003). Swedish Foreign Minister 1998-2003, pushed European unity; opposed Iraq War and Israeli policy toward Palestinians; peacemaker in Macedonian crisis 2001; she had been active opponent of Vietnam War, Apartheid and arms race.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1926 10,000 women marched to Hyde Park, London on Peacemakers Pilgrimage.

  • 1975 First major international Women's Conference, Mexico City.

  • 1990 Act-up protest at Immigration Service, New York City against exclusion of HIV positive persons led by Amy Bauer.

  • 2000 Three women arrested for cutting wire at US base Menwith Hill, Yorkshire.

  • 2008 Security Council resolution 1820 on Women, Peace & Security demands end of sexual violence in war.

  • 2015 Musqueam First Nation activist Audrey Siegl confronted Shell Arctic drilling rig in a small boat. “I stand with indigenous women from around the world to say ‘no more.’