June 5

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1905 Mariquita Platov born Manhattan, NY (d. 2000). Nonviolent artist, poet, and playwright; founder of Greek Orthodox Peace Association.

  • 1937 Alexandra Asseily born Russia. Lebanese-British psychotherapist and author. Leader of Guerrand-Hermès Peace Foundation; member of Ara Pacis Initiative Council for Dignity, Forgiveness, Justice & Reconciliation.

  • 1939 Margaret Drabble born Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. Quaker pacifist; leading British novelist. Openly opposed Iraq War.

  • 1947 Laurie Anderson born Glen Ellyn, IL. Antiwar musician and performance artist. Spoke against the Iran-Contra Affair, the Gulf War, and the Iraq War.

  • 1947 Borka Pavićević born Kotor, Montenegro, Yugoslavia. Pacifist dramaturge who opposed Balkan wars; newspaper columnist, playwright; founded Centre for Cultural Decontamination against "nationalism, xenophobia, intolerance, hatred and fear," 1994; co-founded Belgrade Circle opposing Serbian nationalism 1992.

  • 1951 Angie Zelter born London, England. British nonviolent activist. Member of International Woman's Peace Service; Snowball Campaign. Arrested over 100 times, imprisoned 16 times. Awarded Sean MacBride Peace Prize, 1997; received Right Livelihood Award, 2001.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1660 Margaret Fell wrote first Quaker peace testimony. "We follow after those things that make for peace, love and unity. . . Our weapons are not carnal but spiritual."

  • 1916 In Chicago, the National Women's Party first convened at the Blackstone Hotel.

  • 1972 Jane Briggs Hart, wife of Michigan senator Philip Hart, refused war taxes. "I cannot contribute one more dollar toward the purchase of more bombs and bullets."

  • 1985 "Women's Alternatives for Negotiating Peace" Women's International Peace Conference held through June 9, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.