Florynce Kennedy


Florynce Kennedy born Kansas City, KS February 11, 1916 (d. 2000). African-American radical feminist; lawyer; activist. Opposed Gulf War, Vietnam War, nuclear weapons. Member of the National Organization for Women (NOW), 1966-70.


"The spending of our tax dollars by the Pentagon represents the greatest social disease of our country; I call it Pentagonorrhea." (Color Me Flo, p.18, 1976)

"The war in Vietnam was terrible on our financial fiber, it was death on our moral fiber." (Color Me Flo, p.95, 1976)

"We must have a moratorium on all nuclear proliferation and plants, everything. We must escalate the graffiti." (Harvard Crimson, Nov. 20, 1978; photo http://bit.ly/JJnqlM)