Yayoi Kusama


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Yayoi Kusama born Matsumoto, Japan March 22, 1929. Japanese antiwar visual artist. “Accumulation of Corpses”, 1950; live performance “Anatomic Explosion” at Wall Street, against Vietnam War funding, 1968. Antiwar “Naked happening” protest on Brooklyn Bridge, 1968; ”War, Tidal Waves of War”, 1975; “Graves of the Unknown Soldiers”, 1977. “Revived Soul” for Hiroshima victims, 1995.


You can’t eradicate violence by using more violence.” (letter to Richard Nixon, 1968)

I made my art to try and change people’s minds about the love in the world that can last forever.” (Infinity, circa 1968, in Dazed, Oct. 8, 2018; photo wikipedia)