Lucretia Mott


Lucretia Mott (née Coffin) born Nantucket, RI January 3, 1793 (d. 1880). Quaker nonviolent abolitionist and feminist. Co-organized the Seneca Falls Convention; co-founded Swarthmore College. Described as "the greatest American woman." (Hare)


"Mind acting on mind is of much greater force than brute force contending against brute force." (Sermon, June 6, 1860)

"Wars shall eventually 'cease to the ends of the earth'—for when once Nations shall be convinced, that retaliatory punishments should not be inflicted for great crimes, how much less disposed will they be, to resort to the sword in settlement of disputes, or for points of honor." (Letter to Combes, May 25, 1855; portrait Wikipedia)