March 18

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1917 Rosemary Lynch born Phoenix, AZ (d. 2011). Franciscan nun; poet and storyteller. Founded Nevada Desert Experience, 1982; founded nonprofit organization Pace e Bene teaching nonviolence, 1989.

  • 1929 Christa Wolf born Landsberg an der Warthe, Poland (d. 2011). Leading German writer; philosopher; feminist. Awarded Geschwister-Scholl Prize, 1987; co-founded International Culture of Peace, 1988.

  • 1933 Unita Blackwell born Lula, MS. Civil rights leader; SNCC organizer; president of US-Chinese Peoples Friendship Association, 1976-83. Co-founded Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, 1964; awarded MacArthur Genius grant, 1992.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1212 Clare of Assisi left home to take vow of poverty and found the Second Order of St. Francis, at Portuincula.

  • 1871 1,000 Parisian women helped prevent the provisional government from firing upon its citizens, leading to the founding of the Paris Commune.

  • 1896 Princess Wiszniewska founded International League of Women for Disarmament, Paris.

  • 1906 French suffragists occupied Musée Social, Paris.

  • 1970 Media Women and other feminist groups held sit-in at Ladies' Home Journal office, Manhattan.

  • 1995 Russia blocked Mothers’ March of Compassion against Chechen War and arrested marchers.

  • 2003 Cuba arrested 75 Ladies in White for nonviolent protest against political detentions.

  • 2003 Elizabeth Wilmshurst resigned as legal adviser to the British Foreign Office in protest of the Iraq War. "Unlawful use of force on such a scale amounts to the crime of aggression."

  • 2009 In New York, seven members of the Granny Peace Brigade were arrested for blocking US Military Recruitment Center with crime scene tape in an Iraq War protest.

  • 2011 Ilse Ivana Velásquez Rodríguez was kiled in a teacher's strike, Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

  • 2015 In Washington DC, Code Pink held Spring Rising as a spring cleaning of war crimes. "We’ll dust away the cobwebs of war."