March 7

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1889 Lula Vollmer born Keyser, NC (d. 1955). Broadway actress and playwright. Appalachian folk play “Sun-up” (1923) promotes nonviolence.

  • 1911 Gertrud Lutz Fankhauser born Rechthalten, Fribourg, Switzerland (d. 1995). Swiss humanitarian. Helped rescue over 60,000 Jews in Hungary, 1942-45. Served as first head of UNICEF Poland, 1949-51; UNICEF Brazil, 1951-65; Turkey, 1965-66.

  • 1924 Jo Bristah born Moulmein, Burma (d. 2011). Daughter of missionaries. Founded the second American peace studio, the Swords into Plowshares (SIP) Peace Center, Detroit, 1985.

  • 1925 Trude Unruh born Essen, Germany. Co-founder of the Green Party, supporting the environment, human rights, a nuclear-free Europe, and friendship with East Germany, 1978. Member of German Parliament, representing the Grey Panther Party, 1987-90.

  • 1971 Rachel Weisz born London, England. British actress. Supporter of World Food Program.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1870 First Women’s Suffrage Demonstration in Massachusetts, by Grimké sisters during a snowstorm in Hyde Park.

  • 1962 Women’s Day for Peace celebrated in United Kingdom by peace organization Voice of Women, organized by Judith Cook.

  • 1965 First Selma March, taking inspiration from the actions of Diane Nash.

  • 1996 500 Guatemalan women marched on the National Palace in protest of violence against women.

  • 2006 In Maputo, Mozambique, Spanish Vice President Maria Teresa Fernández De La Vega addressed International Women’s Day first forum "Spain-Africa: Women for a better world."

  • 2011 75 Boston women protested at Massachusetts State House. "BRING OUR WAR $$ HOME"

  • 2017 Susan Crane, Allison McGilivray, and Mary Jane Parrine were arrested for blocking gate to submarine base with sign “ABOLISH NUCLEAR WEAPONS”, Bangor, WA.