March 9

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1929 Arna Mer-Khamis born Rosh Pina, Galilee, Palestine (d. 1995). Jewish peacemaker. Founded In the Defence of Children under Occupation/Care and Learning, 1993. Received Right Livelihood Award for human rights work with refugee children, 1993.

  • 1939 Heyde Maria Durán-de Lopez born Palmira, Colombia. Diplomat; peacemaker. Junior Minister for Shantytowns.

  • 1948 Emma Bonino born Bra, Italy. Gandhian activist; president of nonviolent non-governmental organization Transnational Radicals. First European Commissioner for Health, 1995-99; Italian Minister of European Politics, 2006.

  • 1951 Helen Zille born Johannesburg, South Africa. Journalist; politician. Exposed the circumstances of Steve Biko's murder. Active in the Black Sash End Conscription Campaign, 1983. Mayor of Capetown, 2006-09; Premier of Western Cape, 2009–present.

  • 1970 Claudia López Hernández born Bogotá, Colombia. Colombian Senator 2014 Green Alliance advocate of peace and reconciliation; journalist.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1906 Having been refused audience with the Prime Minister, suffragists broke into 10 Downing Street and were arrested.

  • 1983 Comiso anti-nuclear protestors attacked by Italian police.

  • 1996 Anti-Nuclear Tea Party: Lithuanian women ask for nuclear-free future in Ignalia region.
  • 2015 At the UN, the Inter-Parliamentary Union held a discussion, “Countering Cyber Violence Against Women.”