May 22

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1870 Eva Gore-Booth born Lissaway, Sligo, Ireland (d. 1928). Irish pacifist poet and dramatist; suffragist; WILPF member. Published essay on nonviolence during World War I, 1915; wrote nonviolent play "Fionavar."

  • 1943 Betty Williams born Belfast, Northern Ireland. Founded Northern Irish Peace People with Mairead Corrigan, 1976; shared Nobel Peace Prize, 1976.

  • 1949 Gila Altmann born Wilhelmshaven, Germany. Green Party member of parliament, 1994; Deputy Minister for Environment and Nuclear Safety.

  • 1960 Shukrije Gashi born Pristina, Kosovo, Yugoslavia. Mediator; poet; journalist; lawyer. Director of Partners Center for Conflict Management, Kosovo; imprisoned two years for advocacy for Kosovo.

  • 1983 Lina Ben Mhenni born Tunisia. Blogger. Chronicled Arab Spring revolt in her blog A Tunisian Girl, 2011. Arrested for protest against censorship, 2010. Nobel Peace Prize nominee, 2011; awarded Sean MacBride Peace Prize, 2012.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1917 Eight women from the New York Bureau of Legal First Aid offered the first legal aid to conscientious objectors.

  • 1931 Death of Nobel Peace Prize winner Jane Addams.

  • 2008 In Rovereto, Italy, women from 13 nations met and established the Religions for Peace European Women of Faith Network.