May 29

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1830 Louise Michel born Vroncourt, Lorraine, France (d. 1905). "The red virgin of Montmartre." Nurse and school teacher; anarchist. Member of the Paris Commune who stood against French government soldiers.

  • 1873 Elizabeth Cutter Morrow born Cleveland, OH (d. 1955). Internationalist; poet; mother of Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Promoted reconciliation with Mexico with ambassador husband Dwight; founded Food for Freedom.

  • 1947 Franghiz Ali-Zadeh born Baku, Azerbaijan. Pianist and composer. Named UNESCO Artist for Peace for "her contribution to spreading UNESCO’s message of peace and tolerance," 2008.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1961 In Jackson, Mississippi, Clarie Collins Harvey founded Womanpower Unlimited to aid Freedom Riders; relying on “the inner, divine power of women, as all women work together for peace among the people of a given community, nation, and in the world.”

  • 1966 Three Vietnamese women died of self-immolation: 57-year-old nun Thich Nu Tran Quang at Dieu de Pagoda, Hue; Nun Thich Nu Vinh Ngoc, Saigon; laywoman Ho Thi Thieu, Saigon.

  • 1995 Jennifer Harbury went to Guatemala to find her "disappeared" husband.

  • 2000 In Windhoek, Namibia, the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations opened a seminar to increase the role of women in peacemaking.

  • 2009 UN observed International Day of Peacekeeping with emphasis on Women in Peacekeeping: The Power to Empower.

  • 2010 Delma Nori launched first Solomon Islands women’s party: 12 Pillars for Peace & Prosperity.

  • 2014 Dozens of Liberian war widows protested for benefits, Monrovia.