November 13

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1866 Laura Hughes born Toronto, Ont. (d. 1966). Canadian-American pacifist; feminist; socialist; civic reformer; friend of Jane Addams. Publicly opposed World War I; attended Women's Peace Conference Hague, 1915. Co-founded Canadian Women's Peace Party (WPP), counterpart of WILPF, 1916; co-founded Canadian Labor Party, 1917; moved to US, marrying a conscientious objector, 1917.

  • 1869 Helene Stocker born Elberfeld, Germany (d. 1943). German feminist; founder of War Resisters International 1923; founder of WILPF.

  • 1920 Adele Faccio born Pontebba, Udine, Italy (d. 2007). Radical Italian reformer; partisan resister WWII. Parliamentary delegate of nonviolent Gandhian Radical Party, 1976-83, 1987-92. Co-founded anti-militarist League for Disarmament, 1978.

  • 1931 Rev. Joan Brown Campbell born Youngstown, OH. Global Peace Initiative of Women, 2002; US director of World Council of Churches; peace missions to South Africa, Cuba, Serbia.

  • 1950 Vonimbolana Rasoazanany born Tananarive, Madagascar. Judge of International Criminal Court for Yugoslavia, 2003-08.

  • 1958 Barbara Bangura born Belfast, N. Ireland. Sierra Leone women's leader; trainer in nonviolence and peacebuilding.

  • 1963 María Ángela Holguín Cuéllar born Bogotá, Colombia. Colombian Foreign Minister 2010-17; diplomat, including representative to UN; requested and got UN support for peace agreement 2016.

  • 1980 Monique Coleman born Orangeburg, SC. African-American singer and actress; UN Youth Champion, 2010.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1967 First public manifesto of revived women's movement: "To the Women of the Left."

  • 1974 Death of Karen Silkwood, whistleblower on plutonium coverup, near Crescent, OK.

  • 1983 111 women arrested for "Boston Tea Party" held by Australian Women For Survival inside fence at Pine Gap.

  • 1990 Women's Conference for Security & Cooperation in Europe.