November 15

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1873 Sara Josephine Baker born Poughkeepsie, NY (d. 1945). Physician; first US woman to serve in League of Nations, as representative to Health Committee, 1922-24; pioneer in public health, esp. for immigrants.

  • 1875 Eugenie Hamer born Louvain, Belgium. Belgian pacifist; journalist; from military family; co-founder of Belgian Alliance of Women for Peace through Education, 1906; founder of WILPF, 1915; inserted peace with justice into final resolution.

  • 1887 Marianne Moore born Kirkwood, MO (d. 1972). Antiwar poet.

  • 1916 Nita Barrow born Barbados (d. 1995). Nurse; educator; diplomat; organized UN Women's Conference Nairobi, 1985.

  • 1928 Vinie Burrows born Harlem, NY. Actress and playwright. Activist promoting peace, justice, and reconciliation through theatre, focused on peace and disarmament, racial discrimination, women's issues, and economic/social development.

  • 1975 Betty Amongi Ongom born Uganda. Ugandan cabinet minister in peace talks with Lord’s Resistance Army at Juba 2006; chair of Great Lakes Parliamentary Forum on Peace (AMANI) Uganda chapter

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1917 "Night of Terror" at Occoquan Prison; suffragists tortured.

  • 1972 Jeanne Cissé of Guinea elected first female president of UN Security Council.

  • 1981 Second Women's Pentagon Action, with over 4,000 female participants.

  • 1982 Eleven Greenham Women tried and found guilty; jailed at Holloway Prison.

  • 1990 Conclusion of Women's Conference for Security & Cooperation, Berlin.

  • 2000 Winnie Mandela voiced support of Bat Shalom's appeal for peace and an end to occupation.

  • 2014 Off the coast of the Canary Islands, a Spanish navy vessel rammed a Greenpeace boat during an oil drilling protest, breaking the leg of activist Matilda Brunetti.