Ginetta Sagan


Ginetta Sagan (née Teresa Moroni) born San Colombano al Lambro, Milan, Italy June 1, 1925 (d. 2000). Human rights advocate and peace activist. Following the death of her anti-fascist activist parents, joined Giustizia e Liberta (“Justice and Liberty”), underground Italian resistance movement, 1943. Imprisoned and tortured by Mussolini's Black Brigade, 1945. Aided survivors of Nagasaki bombing, 1961. Led campaign against Greek military junta, 1967. Played instrumental role in growth of Amnesty International USA; founded first West Coast chapter, Palo Alto, 1969, and 75 more local chapters, 1971-74. Co-founded Amnesty Urgent Action Network, 1971; co-founded Amnesty's Campaign for Abolition of Torture, 1973. Investigated Vietnamese reeducation camp prisoners, 1979. Established Aurora Foundation on human rights violations in Poland and Vietnam, 1981. Aided Polish Solidarity Movement, 1981-88.


"Silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor." (photo