Meryl Streep


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Mary Louise “Meryl” Streep born Summit, NJ June 22, 1946. American actress. Lauded for pacifist and feminist ideals; climate change advocate. Portrayed women peacemakers on stage and screen: Silkwood, 1983; “Mother Courage”, 2006; Rendition, 2007; Lions for Lambs, 2007; Suffragette, 2015.


I have a belief, I guess, in the power of the aggregate human attempt—the best of ourselves. In love and hope and optimism—you know, the magic things that seem inexplicable. Why we are the way we are. I do have a sense of trying to make things better.” (Mick Brown, ”Meryl Streep, Mother Superior”, The Week, Dec. 4, 2008; photo Time Out London, Sept. 29, 2015)