September 20

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1831 Hedwig Dohm born Berlin (d. 1919). German Jewish writer, pioneer feminist, Socialist.

  • 1822 Elizabeth Smith Miller born Geneseo, NY (d. 1911). Radical feminist reformer, Quaker-educated abolitionist; introduced bloomer in women's dress 1849.

  • 1875 Marianne Rauze born Paris (d. 1964). French anti-militarist editor; feminist; Socialist, absolute pacifist, wife of army officer who died of war wounds.

  • 1899 Anna Lord Strauss born New York, NY (d. 1979). Internationalist daughter of Quaker; delegate to founding of FAO Quebec 1945; US delegate to UN General Assembly 1951-52; editor, leader of League of Women Voters.

  • 1931 Hinda Kipnis born New York, NY. Raging Granny Seattle; arrested 2015 for chaining herself in rocking chair with 5 other Grannies to block Seattle Terminal 5; protested World Trade Organization 1999.

  • 1937 Birgitta Dahl born RĂ¥da, Sweden. Swedish sustainable development expert: member of parliament 1968-, Speaker 1994, Minister 1982-; UN delegate; opposed Vietnam War.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1984 Greenham Women do Individual Protests for 10 days.

  • 1988 Marcia Timmel hammered and poured blood on Trident display at DC arms bazaar.

  • 1993 Susan Crane and Maxina Ventura convicted for painting shadows on Livermore Lab.