September 22

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1857 Anita Augspurg born Verden a/d Aller, Hanover (d. 1943). German peace leader; Dr. jurisprudence; actress and photographer; co-founder of WILPF and first German woman's suffrage organization 1902; opposed death penalty and militarism; promoted nonviolence in Ruhr unrest, and reconciliation.

  • 1875 Paulina Luisi born Colón, Entre Rios, Argentina (d. 1949). Uruguayan reformer and abolitionist; socialist; feminist; suffragist. First Uruguayan woman doctor, 1908. Helped bring about Uruguayan suffrage, 1927. One of five women to attend World Disarmament Conference, 1932.

  • 1953 Julianne Malveaux born San Francisco, CA. Economist president Bennett College 2007-12; critic of US foreign policy as terrorist; opposed Iraq War, supporting Million Man March 2005.

  • 1954 Jodie Evans born Las Vegas, NV. Nonviolence advocate. Co-founder of Code Pink, 2002. Led "citizen diplomacy" delegations to Iran, Gaza, and Afghanistan; attempted a citizen's arrest of Karl Rove.

  • 1957 Martha Karua born Kirinyaga, Kenya. "Iron Lady of Africa." Human rights advocate and lawyer; first woman elected to Kenyan Parliament, 1992. Kenyan Justice Minister, 2005-09; resigned due to inability to freely pursue her reform efforts. Presidential candidate, 2012.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1909 Rooftop Protest by suffragettes, Birmingham, England.

  • 1913 Kasturba Gandhi deported, and returned to be rearrested.

  • 1938 Sixteen French pacifist women signed peace manifesto.

  • 1961 Dagmar Wilson drafted strike action by Women Strike for Peace.

  • 1983 Lebanese women protested war at UNICEF building Beirut.

  • 1984 Market Day for Men organized by J. Ouedaogo in Burkina Faso.

  • 1989 One World Week celebrated by Greenham women.

  • 2010 Women become majority of Swiss Cabinet.

  • 2011 12 women arrested Bulawayo in peaceful march.

  • 2012 Women of Marikana, S. Africa march in protest against police violence and the killing of Pauline Masuthle.