Margaret Ashton


Margaret Ashton born Withington, Manchester, England January 19, 1856 (d. 1937). Suffragist; pacifist; opponent of WWI. First woman to serve as City Councilor, Manchester, 1908. Barred from attending Hague Women's Peace Conference, 1915. Founding member of WILPF. Organized peace rally, 1917; removed from city education committee for traitorous pacifism, 1917.


As women are still deprived from direct power to shape the destiny of this country, we must demand that our fellow men do their utmost to preserve peace and prevent the destruction of our communities. You are the only people who can prevent this crime from taking place. We are in contact with our sisters in Europe and America and we all believe that nothing can be gained from violence. We must appeal instead to reason and humanity.” (Hazel Roy’s reconstruction of Aug. 4, 1914 speech; portrait Spartacus educational)