Natacha Atlas


Natacha Atlas born Schaerbeek, Brussels, Belgium March 20, 1964. Singer of Jewish/Muslim heritage. UN Goodwill Ambassador, 2001. Boycotted Israeli apartheid, 2011.


“The dialogue I want to set up is a dialogue among people—the real people whose lives are, and have been, irrevocably shaped by the conflict. A dialogue which acknowledges the incalculable human loss and tragedy on all sides while refusing to sit in judgement. A dialogue which is fuelled solely by the desire for the conflict and suffering to end. . . It is this kind of dialogue—a dialogue among people—which, I firmly believe, is the way forward. . . I have an unwavering faith in music as the universal means of communication—the fundamental means through which people can connect with each other on the most basic of levels: their shared humanity. . . As a Middle Eastern artist, it is my fervent hope that we can use our music to begin to build—and eventually cross—the bridges that the region so desperately needs.” (Creative Community for Peace, July 6, 2015; photo