Magda Aelvoet


Magdalena “Magda” Aelvoet born Steenokkerzeel, Flemish Brabant, Belgium April 4, 1944. Belgian politician. Helped draft St. Michael's Accords, Belgian state reforms which made Belgium a fully federalized nation, 1993. Appointed Minister of State, 1995; member European Parliament, 1994-99. Opposed NATO bombing of Kosovo as head of European Green Party, 1997-99. Belgian Deputy Prime Minister, until resignation in protest of sale of arms to Nepal, 1999-2002.


The UN Secretary General should be asked to launch an initiative in order to reopen immediate diplomatic negotiation. Additional measures must also be immediately put in place in order to prevent the conflict from spilling over into neighbouring countries, including. . . a UN peace-keeping presence in Albania." (Environment News Service, April 1, 1999; photo