Alice Afuma Appea


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Alice Afuma Appea born Gold Coast November 14, 1906 (d. ?). “Grandma Alice.” Ghanaian Quaker; co-founded SOS Children’s Village Association 1970; founding head WILPF Ghana; delegate to UN conference on disarmament 1978.


I believe that this is a woman's world. Much of the striving by men may be traced to women as the primers of the hidden strings of action in men. And, when a man, by dint of inspiration from a woman, wins the laurel, he brings it proudly home and places it at the foot of the woman in his life. . . The rights women aspire to can only come about through the skillful leadership of women themselves. Using their natural gifts of persuasion and influence, women can bring about social transformation.” (Kay Camp, “Listen to Women”, 1975, p.5; photo Wilbaforce Ghana postage)