Jane Anyango


Jane Anyango born Nairobi, Kenya March 17, 1970. “Woman of Peace”; Grassroots peacemaker; founded Kibera Women for Peace and Fairness 2007; member of Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Reference commission 2012; ran Peace Through Action and Advocacy in 2013 elections; named Peace Ambassador by International Women Peace Group 2015; Kroc Institute WomanPeacemaker 2016.


We are tired. We want peace. We are starving. We are being killed. We are appealing to Mama Lucy Kibaki and Mama Ida Odinga, the wives to the president and prime minister. Our children in the slums are just as precious to us as your children are to you. They need peace. They need to be safe. They need to eat. We lost a child yesterday and we are tired.” (quote and photo Maggie Morshed, “From the Hard Earth”, p. 18, Kroc WomenPeacemaker narrative, 2008)