April 18

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1856 Fanny Petterson born Narva, Estonia, Russia (d. 1915). Swedish peace pioneer. Professor of modern languages. Founded Society of International Concord. Organized Stockholm Peace Congress, 1910.

  • 1889 Jessie Street born Chota Nagpur, Bihar, India (d. 1970). Australian feminist, Socialist and peace leader. Only woman on Australian delegation to San Francisco Conference on the founding of the UN; delegate of UNESCO, 1947-48; vice chairperson, UN Human Rights Commission, 1948.

  • 1942 Irene Fernandez born Kedah, Malaysia (d. 2014). Malaysian human rights activist. Founded Tenaganita (“Women Force”), 1991. Received Right Livelihood Award, 2005.

  • 1945 Margaret Fitzsimmons Hassan born Dalkey, Dublin, Ireland (d. 2004). Director of CARE Iraq; kidnapped and murdered, Baghdad, 2004.

  • 1962 Bothaina Kamel born Cairo, Egypt. Egyptian TV anchor; first woman to run for president 2011; leader from start of Tahrir square protests, forming shield for male activists.

  • 1972 Rosa Clemente born South Bronx, NY. Journalist and nonviolent community organizer. Vice-presidential candidate of Green Party, 2008, winning 161,797 votes.

  • 1982 Esther Ibanga born Nigeria. Nigerian Christian pastor. Protested Jos massacres with peace march of 100,000 women and children, 2010. Co-founded Women Without Walls Initiative, 2011.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1901 National Council of French Women formed.

  • 1910 International conference to abolish traffic in women, Paris.

  • 1977 First Thursday Afternoon Protest by Mothers of the Plaza, Buenos Aires.

  • 1985 Sheila Parks and Suzanne Schmidt arrested at Quonset Point for damaging and bloodying Trident missile.

  • 1989 Daughters of Mother Jones occupied Pittston headquarters Lebanon VA. in support of strike.