August 10

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1858 Anna J. Cooper born Raleigh, NC (d. 1964). Black educator and author, born a slave; PhD Sorbonne on French slavery.

  • 1872 Martha Root born Richwood, OH (d. 1939). Feminist, journalist, and orator. High-ranking Baha'i leader; advocate of women's leadership for peace and international organization.

  • 1878 Marthe Pichorel (née Collard) born Cherbourg, France (d. 1968). Militant pacifist; French syndicalist leader of teachers. Fired as teacher for pacifism, 1917. Signed women’s manifesto against World War II, 1938.

  • 1944 Alice Tepper Marlin born Long Branch, NJ. Economist. Received Right Livelihood Honorary Award for work in peace-centric ethical investment, 1990.

  • 1957 Angie Harmon born Highland Park, TX. Actress named UNICEF Ambassador 2013.

  • 1969 Anita McKone born Canberra, Australia. Australian nonviolent activist; poet, songwriter and writer; arrested 7 times; imprisoned four, during which she fasted, one time four weeks.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1970 Women “seized” Statue of Liberty and hung banner “WOMEN OF THE WORLD UNITE.”

  • 1976 First Meeting of Irish Peace People after three children were killed Belfast.

  • 1982 Six Greenham Women chained to The Gem, nuclear waste ship.

  • 1984 Barb Katt damaged Trident sub parts at Sperry plant in Plowshares protest.

  • 1990 First arrest in Gulf War protest: Cheryl Lessin jailed 3 weeks for burning US flag, Cleveland.

  • 1997 Joyce Parkhurst & Martha Scarborough jailed 9 months for cutting fence at Nevada test site.

  • 1997 Angie Zelter arrested for swimming around NATO fence Coulport, Belgium.

  • 1999: Indian conference “Women’s Vision: A Culture of Peace.”

  • 2010 Eight women arrested for protest at Vermont Yankee nuclear plant Vernon. "Shut it down now."