August 11

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1901 Margaret Moseley born Dedham, MA (d. 1997). Peace, civil rights and community activist Boston and Cape Cod; state leader WILPF; marched at Selma.

  • 1917 Inge Scholl born Forchtenberg, Bavaria (d. 1998). Member of White Rose nonviolent resistance to Hitler; arrested but released; postwar leader opposing Pershing nuclear missiles; arrested for protest at Mutlangen 1985.

  • 1941 Elizabeth Holtzman born Brooklyn, NY. Elected 1973 to Congress on anti-Vietnam War platform; youngest woman elected to Congress, age 31; opposed capital punishment and Apartheid; sued Nixon for bombing Cambodia 1973; advocated impeaching Bush for Iraq War.

  • 1947 Miriam Leiva born Villa Clara, Cuba. Cuban dissident journalist; co-founded Ladies in White protesting political detentions 2003; fired from Foreign Ministry 1992; sought reconciliation of US and Cuba; blog Cuban Reconciliation.

  • 1966 Melissa Parke born Donnybrook, Australia. Served as lawyer for UN, Kosovo, 1999-2002; Gaza 2002-03. Established UN Ethics Office, 2005-06. Member, Australian Parliament, 2007-present. Australian Minister of Development, 2013.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1253 Death of St. Clare, companion of nonviolent Saint Francis.

  • 1917 Women's Peace Crusade march by 1000 women Nelson, Lancashire.

  • 1958 UN Treaty on Women's Nationality effective.

  • 1977 20th WILPF Conference, Tokyo.

  • 2003 11th international meeting of Women in Black, Marina di Massa, Tuscan coast. “Let’s Dare to Make Peace; Let’s Disarm the World”

  • 2011 Judge Patricia Acioli assassinated by police bullets Rio de Janiero for prosecuting police violence.

  • 2014 European Conference of Women in Black, Leuven, Belgium.