August 29

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1829 Abby Hutchinson Patton born Milford, NH (d. 1892). Singer for peace, abolition and women's rights; poet and member of famous troupe of itinerant singers, song "Kind Words Can Never Die" (1855).

  • 1933 Jehan Sadat born Cairo, Egypt. First lady of Egypt who encouraged peace with Israel, which won her husband a Nobel Prize; professor of comparative literature; PhD; poet; delegate to UN Women's conferences Copenhagen and Beijing’ first winner of Community of Christ Peace Award 1993.

  • 1948 Ninon Colneric born Recklingshausen, Westphalia. German Judge European Court of Justice 2000-06; Professor, co-Dean of China-Europe School of International Law (CESL).

  • 1963 Hilde Frafjord Johnson born Arusha, Tanzania. Norwegian anthropologist; politician. Member of Norwegian Parliament, 1993-2001; Minister for International Development, 1997-2005; UN representative to South Sudan 2011-14. Active peacemaker in Sudan, leading to peace, 2005; Deputy Executive UNICEF, 2007-11.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1991 Women of Europe Peace Caravan called for peace in Sarajevo.

  • 1992 Women founded 21st Century Party opposing war and death penalty; first chair Dolores Huerta.

  • 1995 The WILPF Peace Train arrived in Beijing for NGO Forum.

  • 2015 Women’s role in bringing peace discussed at Third World Summit of Universal Peace Federation, Seoul, Korea.

  • 2015: Six hundred women protested militarization in Osaka Women's March.