August 30

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1930 Xernona Clayton born Muskogee, OK. Nonviolent Civil Rights leader with Martin Luther King Jr.; media leader SCLC; called "Dragon-slayer" by Calvin Craig, Green Dragon of KKK whom she converted to nonviolence; founded Trumpet Awards 1993 to those "who augment the richness of this great global society by partnering with the cause of justice and equality of all." International Civil Rights Walk of Fame 2004, Atlanta.

  • 1944 Molly Ivins born Monterrey, CA (d. 2007). Antiwar journalist and columnist opposed Iraq War.

  • 1958 Anna Politkovskaya born New York, NY (assassinated 2006). Russian war correspondent exposed brutality and corruption of Chechen War; rejecting usual military heroes, her heroine was village head Malika who openly cursed the generals and officials.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1961 16-year-old Brenda Harris arrested for ”walk-in” buying bus ticket and sitting in whites-only area, McComb, MS; jailed one month and expelled from school.

  • 1989 South African Women protested Johannesburg against capital punishment; 200 women arrested.

  • 1995 Lemon Protest at TVA meeting against last loading nuclear fuel at Watts Bar 1; Faith Young and Jeannine Honiker arrested.

  • 1995 NGO Women's Forum Huairou, China.

  • 2001 Six Shut It Down women arrested for blocking Vermont Yankee nuclear plant.