Angie Brooks


Angie Elizabeth Brooks Randolph born Virginia, Liberia August 24, 1928 (d. 2007). Lawyer; President UN General Assembly 1970; Liberian envoy to UN 1954ff.; President UN Trusteeship Council 1966 which oversaw independence of Togo and Cameroon.


"The UN. . . has suffered a decline in prestige in recent years because of its lack of dynamism. Our weakness. . . seems to lie in the fact that we all too often view world affairs somewhat parochially, as if they were being played out at the Headquarters on the East River of New York. We have sometimes failed to realize that neither oratory nor agreements between delegates, nor even resolutions or recommendations, have had much impact on the course of affairs in the world at large." (1970 opening address, in Avy Mallik, "Women Presidents." UN Chronicle, 2006; photo