Jill Ann Boskey


Jill Ann Boskey born Newark, NJ January 13, 1947 (d. 1999). Antiwar activist; led 5 Women Against Daddy Warbucks shredded draft files at Rockefeller Center 1969, breaking A+1 typewriter keys symbolic of draft status; member Students for Democratic Society; students burned draft cards Central Park; co-founded feminist Diana Press, Baltimore; later attorney for disabled.


If the destruction we have wrought against the files upsets you-we ask you to think about the destruction of lives which you have helped perpetuate in Vietnam. If you question what we consider our obligation to do this, we ask you to question rather the insidiousness of American 'peace with victory' in Vietnam and of future American counterinsurgency efforts elsewhere.” (Great Speckled Bird, July 14, 1969, p. 15; photo warresisters.org)